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Tour De Brew info!

"Tour De Brew" heading back to its roots!

Friday November 29th is the date. Set aside some time and come join us as we celebrate the 18th annual Tour De Brew!

Once again we’ll be heading back to the roots to do a little "Touring" again.  The plan is, we’ll start at my basement at 2pm, then meet up at the Iron Hill Brewery (Maple Shade) around 4ish, then over to PJ’s (Moorestown) around 6ish, and then over to Jay’s around 7ish (where Bats will be so happy to see us)!  All with in walking distance… so we can carpool on foot… no driving!

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The premise for the "Tour De Brew" has always been to meet and start touring local establishments and do some beer tasting along the way. As usual, it's always been tough to get everyone together at exactly the same time.  Back in 1996, I introduced a small sampling of homebrew while we were waiting for the guys to arrive and the rest is history.

Head to the What's Brewing page to check out what's currently in the vats.

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